Sortie du 31/12/2037

Liste complete OMI (Mars 2018)
Brendan O'Regan Autumn Child 198s
Charlie Lennon Dance Of The Honeybees (the) 100s
Daithi Sproule The Westland 120s
Darach de Brun Leaving the Nest 102s
Ed Reavy Hunter's House (the) 108s
Eddie O'Donnell Lough Mountain 80s
Freckled Donal Mcnamara South Wind Orchestral (the) 176s
Fred Finn Fred Finn's 80s
Jackie Coleman Jackie Coleman's 108s
Jeremiah James Holland Brenda Stubbert's 120s
John Brady A View From Across The Valley 80s
John Brady Beauties of Autumn (the) 136s
Junior Crehan Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back 116s
Junior Crehan Little Stack Of Oats (the) 116s
Michel Faubert La valse des jouets 150s
Niall Vallely Muireann's 264s
Nollaig Casey The Trip to Fanore 250s
Otis Tomas The New Land 180s
Paddy "Nenagh" O'Brien Larry's Favourite 128s
Paddy "Nenagh" O'Brien The One that was Lost 70s
Paddy Fahey Paddy Fahey's jig 70s
Pat Crowley The Harp And The Shamrock 100s
Phil Cunningham Mairtin O'Connor's Flying Clog 108s
Ruaidri Dall O Cathain (1570-1650) Give me your Hand 110s
Turlough O'Carolan Lord Inchiquin 198s
Turlough O'Carolan Si Beag Si Mor 192s
Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) Morgan Magan 150s
Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) O'Carolan's Concerto 200s
Vincent Broderick Haunted House (the) 96s
Vincent Broderick Whistler at the Wake (the) 76s